Living in a campus dormitory is considered by most students as a great privilege and a significant part of University life.

During disasters or emergencies, a calm and ready mind and body will help you make it through distressful times.

To be proud being a Pinay is not using these access to information and technology in search for a foreign husband who will pay of the debts of one’s family. A modern Pinay should be a smarter, dynamic and flexible Maria Clara.

You may have a lot of money today, but for tomorrow no one knows.

Just flip the view on your camera, hold it at a high angle, position your thumb on your best side, and voila! You just took a selfie.

A little flavor could also make the juice sweeter. And maybe, a wild, wild, question is: will gay lingo one day replace the universal English language only in da Pilipins?

Here is an exposē of some of our well-known behaviors that seem to defy set of ettiquettes.

You don’t want to perish due to acute nasal hemorrhage resulting to excessive external bleeding and severe blood loss. (Need a dictionary?) Nosebleed!

First impression does not really last forever, but, why not start it with a good one?