Gift giving is a common part of our culture especially in the yuletide season. Some of us experienced receiving presents during childhood which made us excited to welcome the month of December. This excitement is still within us and it became part of us.

Unlike before, the usual Christmas season this year would truly be different since the pandemic had changed a lot of things. Yet, the famous Filipino resilience has kept us strong throughout the quarantine. This pandemic will not hinder us in celebrating our most awaited month.

Some of us have already wrapped gifts for our loved ones and friends while others are still confused about what should be the best presents to give. There are some who think that the more expensive the gift, the better it is. But apparently that is not always the case.

You do not have to empty your wallet just to buy the perfect present. Instead, you can just take a tour of your house and make use of your stuff. All you need is to be creative because your own-made gifts are valuable and incomparable. Here are a few simple ideas on to give this Christmas:

Bottle of messages


Do not throw those empty bottles in the bin, you can actually transform it into a bottle of messages. It is a new way of saying something to our loved ones, confessing feelings to the person we like, or even to apologize.

Not all of us are very vocal when it comes to our feelings towards other people. You can even design it in a way that is very classical, modern, or follow your preferred style. The choice is all within your creative mind and hands.

Personalized letters


Personalized letters are also a good gift. It takes us back in the 80s or ’90s where writing letters was the only option since there were no smartphones. Undoubtedly, it was romantic and thoughtful. Today, the popularity of traditional hand-written letters are becoming a hit again. Written letters give off a different vibe where we get to read personal messages engraved in a tangible medium.

Let us start to go against the grain that written letters are only given on Valentines as a romantic move. Gifting someone your heartfelt feelings through words is actually a very memorable present a person can ever get.



Books as a gift is an acquired taste for some people. Not all are fond of reading, but it does not mean that you cannot give it to a person who does not like to read. It is even the best gift to a person who loves to read and collect them. Books are special that come in variety and it is up to you to choose what book may be best suited to the person you want to give it to.

If buying new books is not an option for you, you could also give you old books that you have. Old books have engraved memories in them, which makes them special compared to others. Some of us cannot seem to let go of their old books since they have become part of ourselves. It is connected to our soul, we treasure it with all of our life. Perhaps, giving old books to someone is like giving half of ourselves to them. And we can only do it to the people whom we truly love.



If you are into art, you can make use of your talent to make a gift. Artworks are one of the five-star gifts you could give to someone you love. All of us adore the talent of those people who are good at art and seeing their eye-catching work is satisfying. It could be a painting, sculpture, or a simple drawing that is somehow related to the person you want to give it with.

Artwork is a mirror of our different realities. It depicts the love we long to have, the tragedies we once had, and the hope that gives us strength each day. Artworks are not just a mere creation of a creative mind, but it has a soul and own stories which make it more special.



The pandemic made people discover more of themselves, especially on their other side of being plant lovers. Plants nowadays are really on demand since they are good for decoration as well as gifts. People who are tagged as “plant titos and titas” are the perfect receivers of this kind of present. Enthusiast or not, giving someone a plant could mean something.

Plants could lighten up one's mood and give a whole new aura in the workplace. It is a good stress reliever and gives life to the environment. It does not have to be bought from shops, you can give someone a plant coming directly from your own backyard. A beautiful pot and a few tweaks on the stems could help beautify a simple yet meaningful plant gift.

Knitted clothes


If you are into knitting, knitted clothes are another superb present that you can give to our loved ones. Unlike clothes bought in shops, knitted clothes have strong fabric and are done with love. You have all the options on how you are going to knit it with your creative mind and hands.

Considering that December is a cold season, knitted clothes such as sweaters, socks, scarfs, and bonnets are good to wear. Not only does it give them warmth, it also a reminder that the clothes keeping them warm is crafted by your loving hands.

It’s the meaning that counts

There are thousands of things that we could give to someone we love.It does not always have to be bought from shops or has a heavy price. Perhaps, now is the right time to leap off the usual gift ideas.

Instead of being impulsive on presents, why not save it for future use considering that we are still under a pandemic. Do not bother going out of your house, your cozy house along with your creative mind and gifted hands could provide. Besides, presents personally crafted by us carry more values compared to those things we bought on the market. With our famous Filipino resilience, this pandemic will not hinder us from spreading good vibes, love, joy, and gifts.

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