“Proud Viscan kini!” This is one of the many taglines that all students of Visayas State University (VSU) knows. Viscans pride themselves as simple yet hard working students who excel at various academic fields, placing VSU in a significant position in the university rankings in our country.

But is academics the only thing Viscans are proud of? Is it their only strength? For some of you who do not know, Viscans are actually an ideal date especially on Valentines day. What makes them so special? Here are a list of things you need to know why you should date a Viscan:

Viscans care about the future

There is a reason why Viscans work so hard in school, it is because they care so much about their future after graduation. Dating a Viscan is like having a secure partner in life, they strive to enter a decent career so that they could spoil the people they love with their hard earned money.

Viscans are people who prepare for the future, and that includes you in it.

Viscans appreciate even the smallest things in life

On a budget for your date? No worries, Viscans will love anything as long as it comes from the heart. You do not have to throw a fancy surprise or buy a thousand peso bouquet, even a simple street food date could make a Viscan’s heart flutter.

What matters is your presence and your genuine feelings. Give a Viscan your true love and he/she will give it back to you tenfold.

Walking will never be a problem

Viscans battle long walks everyday around the campus, so spending long  walks under the romantic moonlight or even under the scorching heat of the sun is not a problem for any Viscan. You do not have to worry if you do not have a car or motorcycle, you can just walk it out while having the most intimate conversation of your lives.

After all, Viscans has the strongest legs in the world. You can even make a run for it!

Nature is a Viscan’s first love

If you are undecided where to take a Viscan on your first date, try to think outside the box. VSU is located by the mountain and the sea where the entire school is literally surrounded by trees. Every Viscan has learned to appreciate the beauty of nature and you probably now have an idea where to take him/her for a date.

A simple picnic under a tree or on the beach is actually much more romantic than spending it on fancy restaurants and cafes.

Viscans are open-minded and intimate

Open-minded ka ba? We often hear this from networking businesses but for Viscans, this is actually very important. VSU is a liberal community that allows discussion of various societal issues and has been very open to all sorts of relationships.

Dating a Viscan means you can talk about a lot of things. You can even engage in a debate about politics, economy, culture, and many more. You do not have to stay in a cheesy and cliche talk. Every conversation you share with a Viscan is worth it.

Dating is hard and it will never be easy. It is not a race so you do not have to rush. But if you choose to date a Viscan, you will be dating someone beyond average. A Viscan is smart, intimate, and succeeds in their lives. Perseverance and excellence is embedded in their DNA. You are in for a different course of love and may end up in one of the best relationships you will ever have.

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