It's 7 in the morning. You just got up from a tiring sleep from last night's study for a major exam. The sun is out, radiating warmth contrasting the cold breeze as you walk towards the campus for your first class of the day.

Walking through the campus, you see someone from a distance wearing unusual clothing. As you got closer, you saw that he's wearing what seems to be a graduation toga with golden medals dangling around his neck and carrying a diploma in a frame.

With barely enough energy to think straight, you think to yourself, "It's the first week of September. Why is someone wearing a graduation toga? Am I missing something?". You shrugged it off.

After you got out to prepare for the next class, you noticed another person wearing unusual clothes. First was a graduation toga, and now you saw someone wearing only a bathrobe with matching bath slippers. He also had a clay face mask and a pair of cucumbers covering his eyes. A few people then started to approach that person and asked to take pictures.

As a freshman, you had no idea what's happening. So, you turned to the next person and asked what was happening.

"It's Jologs Day.", someone answered.

"What's Jologs Day?" you replied with curiosity.

Jologs day is an annual tradition of the Mulberry Men's Home dormitory on the first day of every first week of September in celebration of "Mulberry Week." Its idea was first introduced in 2003 when the former occupants decided to have a week-long celebration as tribute to their adviser's birthday, which falls in September. On this particular day, the occupants, both students and advisers are challenged to wear unusual and out of the ordinary clothing. They are given the freedom to wear anything as long as it does not cause too much distraction or scare people.


On this day, you will see a lot of peculiar people. You might witness wannabe pirates wearing only one boot, kings and princes wearing extravagant articles of clothing, a person bringing mosquito nets hanging below their umbrellas, a mime with a bare face, silly athletes wearing mismatched garments, a fashionable clown or jester, and so much more.

They’re very easy to notice aside from the fact that they dress weirdly, but as they parade through the whole lower and upper campus, their festive banners and liveliest of chants are surely a headturner.

"Why do they do it? Are they allowed to wear that during class hours? Wouldn't the professors and instructors get mad?" you interjected.

This activity lasts for a day, so these people would surely be seen roaming around the campus even during class hours, catching a lot of attention. Its witty and fun idea have successfully drawn people's attention in a good way. After a few years, it was normalized in the university to the extent that both students and faculty find it entertaining rather than disrespectful or distracting.


Jologs day is the opening tradition of the week-long celebration, considered to be a way for dormers to build their confidence and express themselves through liberal clothing. This event is extra for freshmen students, as it's a personal vision to overcome their shyness as new students in the dorm and university.

Within the dormitory, Jologs day is also a competition. The judges will choose the top occupants who have the silliest outfits or the most "Jologs-looking" to compete. Whoever has the most bizzare and comedic set of clothing will be crowned as the year's "Jologs King".


Jologs day has become a regular occurrence every year and ultimately became a tradition. When professors notice that their student is wearing something unusual in the first week of September, they already know that it's Jologs day and the student is definitely from Mulberry Men's Home.

"Thank you so much, Kuya!" you exclaimed. With the new information you learned, you started walking to your next class. But before you arrived, you came across one more student with unusual clothing.

Gathering up the courage, you walked towards his direction and asked: "Hello, Kuya. Pwede mag pa-picture?"

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