BAYBAY CITY— A male trespasser named John Kenneth Acojedo was caught in the act of unlawfully entering the premises of Ilang-ilang Ladies Hall tonight around 8:00PM, September 6, 2020.

Mr. Acojedo was cornered by the current stranded students of Mabolo Men’s Home led by their adviser, Mr. Derek Alviola, upon an immediate distress call by the Ilang-ilang ladies for rescue.

Upon Initial interrogation by the Mabolo occupants, Mr. Acojedo claimed to be a stranded student from Mulberry Men’s Home and later retracted this story in the inquest done by the VSU security personnel. He also falsely claimed to be visiting his girlfriend named Rica Jane Ygot whom he claimed to be from Ilang-ilang dorm.

Mr. Acojedo also attempted to run away before the VSU security force arrived but he failed to do so because additional students came in to the rescue and spotted Mr. Acojedo’s presence.

The male trespasser was apprehended by Mr. Edilberto Mendoza and Mr. Noe Pasilaban, the security officers of VSU, and was brought to Guardpost 1 for inquest. Mr. Acojedo provided a very dubious testimony during his preliminary interview done by Dr. Dario Lina, the current Chief of Security here in VSU.

It was later found out based on VSU security records that Mr. Acojedo is from Barangay Pangasugan and was also apprehended two years ago for stealing vehicle battery and other stuff inside the VSU campus.

As of writing, he is currently being processed by VSU security force and will soon be turned over to the local police of Baybay City for detention due to trespassing.

It can also be recalled that a male dorm located in the upper campus was lately robbed a month ago without any trace of potential suspects.

Since the community quarantine imposed this March, VSU has been implementing a no-outsider policy so it is a puzzle to local authorities on how a male trespasser from Barangay Pangasugan was able to enter the upper campus late in the evening.

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