BAYBAY CITY- In strict compliance of DOH and CHED’s recommendation, Visayas State University will be implementing a manual scanning of body temperature on all students, faculties and staff.

This is following the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic effective last March 12, 2020 in all entrances of the university.

The official statement of VSU President Edgardo E. Tulin, medic stations are to be placed in all major entrances of the university as precautionary measures against the possible transmission of the virus.

“A medic station complete with sanitizers and water refilling units will be headquartered in major entrances of VSU to be manned by the staff of the University Health Service (UHS). Our orders for thermal scanners are also in place so that we can randomly check the temperature of our constituents upon entering VSU,” Dr. Tulin said in a facebook post.

Ms. Nestle Gahum, University Health Service (UHS) nurse emphasized that they take specific steps in checking everyone’s body temperature.

“Ang temperature sa taw within thirty-five to thirty-seven point five (35-37.5) gane normal pana, pero mu exceed na gani to 37.5 pataas, i ask namo kung ga fever ba siya, ga cough ba siya, naa bay sip-on, pila na ka days, and if may travel history. If ever gani ingana, ipalista namo ang name, either student, visitor, faculty or tanan na musulod dire sa atong campus. Unya iadto na siya sa infirmary nya sila doc na ang mag further asses didto. Ang sa ato dire is to check if within normal range ba ila body temperature.”

[The normal body temperature of a person is within 35 to 37.5 celsius. But if it exceeds, we ask them if they have fever, cough, colds, and how long have they been experiencing it, including any travel history. In such cases, we list their names and transfer them to the infirmary where they will be further assessed by our doctors.]

The medic stations cover four major entrances of the university: upper campus gate, lower campus gate, entrance gate towards covered walk, and the entrance gate in the market towards the lower campus.

Despite the minor inconvenience that it brought, President Tulin pointed out that it is for the welfare of the university and its constituents.

Operations of all VSU accommodations as well as big events in the university are temporarily suspended.

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