BAYBAY City—In its efforts to achieve its goal, #NoViscanLeftBehind, Visayas State University (VSU) President Dr. Edgardo E. Tulin announced that all printed instructional materials (IMs) will be provided for free. This declaration was made during the Day 1 of the two-day Student Onboarding Program via live broadcast on the official Facebook page of the university last August 17, 2020.

During his opening remarks, President Tulin emphasized that his administration would do its utmost effort to serve the students.

“In the spirit of being inclusive and equitable, I decided to make all our printed instructional materials to be free of charge,” Dr. Tulin said.

In the previous weeks, VSU has been sharing its strategies to the public as to how the university will adapt to the “new normal” setup of education. In his speech, President Tulin said that despite the threat of COVID-19, the university ensures that the educational quality VSU has been known for will never diminish, citing the accessibility of the printed instructional materials.

“We have partnered with a lot of local government units including some commercial courier services to ensure that the printed instructional modules are accessible to you [students],” he added.

Freshmen students are expected to receive their printed modules starting on the last week of August, and September for the continuing students

“VSU, as a science and technology university and as a leader of quality education in this part of the country, will find ways to make things work and hopefully contribute in recovering from the ill effects of this global pandemic,” President Tulin remarked.

Following the announcement, VSU received positive responses and reactions from its stakeholders across social media platforms, giving birth to its new VSU acronym catchphrase: 'Very Supportive University'

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