Baybay City, Leyte— Visayas State University (VSU) President Edgardo E. Tulin officially announced last September 1, 2020, via his official Facebook page, that the opening of classes for the academic year 2020-2021 will be on October 5, 2020.

In his statement, President Tulin informed that the University Administrative Council (UADCO) and the Board of Regents (BOR) decided to postpone the opening of classes to a later date to ensure that VSU will be able to prepare and deliver quality instructional materials to all students.

“Part of the development of our instructional materials is a strict process of review, both in grammar and content, at the departmental level. VSU respects the intellectual property of knowledge workers and we set the example against plagiarism and infringement of other people’s intellectual property rights. Because of this, our faculty authors need a little more time to revise their work so we can offer you the best, original content to learn from," Dr. Tulin stated.

President Tulin also emphasized that the university is ready for the upcoming classes, however he insists that all learning modules should not be prepared in “rush” and must offer the best education for the whole VSU studentry.

“The content is ready, however, we do not want them delivered to you in a rushed way that sacrifices the quality VSU is known for," he said.

Furthermore, President Tulin also assured that VSU will deliver all the learning materials safely to students through coordinated partnerships.

“And with the full support of our administrators, the university has developed and arranged a complex system of collation and delivery, and of course with the partnerships we’ve forged with different LGUs, to make all these happen for you,” Tulin added.

In its efforts to achieve its goal, #NoViscanLeftBehind, all printed instructional materials will be provided for free. This declaration was made during the Day 1 of the two-day Student Onboarding Program via live broadcast on the official Facebook page of the university last August 17, 2020.

Further announcements on the opening of classes are yet to be released by the university.

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