Baybay City, Leyte- With the COVID 19 pandemic, Visayas State University (VSU) has pushed for health safety measures against possible transmission of the virus in the campus. The VSU community was nothing but praise for the response made by the administration.

BSDC-1 student James Laurence Dawal praised the university’s well organized plan in dealing against the virus.

“I’m impressed as to how VSU dealt with this pandemic. Their systemic plan would surely allow every student to be safe since every precautionary measure was imposed and followed.”

Mari Denise Amphy Layola, a senior vetmed student who was having her internship in Manila expresses her appreciation for the university’s early response by pulling out all students assigned in the Luzon area.

“It’s good that they acted early. They laid out provisions regarding the safety of all faculty, staff, and of course the students, especially for those who were in their internship in Manila that are in higher risk of carrying or contracting the infection.”

A freshman BCAED student from Southern Leyte, Jhon Carl Dipay was glad that the administration was active in assuring the safety of the school.

“All I can say is that the university did a good job for its betterment and along with its constituents. They also shared precautionary measures that will help us to become more aware and will also ensure our safety. As a student, I’ll consider it as a very good example.”

John Martin Diao, a faculty from the Department of Liberal Arts and Behavioral Sciences (DLABS) commended VSU for preserving the university’s main role despite the pandemic.

“I think VSU is doing its best to provide a safe and healthy environment with minimal sacrifices for its primary function as an academic institution.”

Allen Glen Gil, a senior AgEng student from Sogod, Southern Leyte expressed his contentment with the actions taken however he hopes for a better way to organize the long line of Viscans in the main entrances of the university.

“I am personally satisfied with all of the university’s actions and intervention in handling the outbreak of COVID-19. However, there was an issue last week concerning the long line at the entrance of the VSU main gate due to the very limited personnel with thermal scanners who were inspecting all the incoming people. I hope this problem does not worsen when the students come back when all classes resume.”
Sophomore biotechnology student, Sheva Rose Belarmino both considers the negative and positive effects of the suspension of classes in the university.

“I both have positive and negative responses in the suspension of our classes. There’s a possibility that the classes would be extended due to lack of days allotted for classes and that would be a great loss on the student’s part. However, it is better because it lessens the risk and chances of COVID-19 in spreading across the university”

The university continues its efforts in ensuring a healthy environment for the whole VSU community. Series of disinfection are being conducted and thermal scanners are in place throughout the university headed by the University Health Services (UHS).

No further announcement has been made by the university.

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